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As of October 28, 2004 there is a new law that changes the way your deposited checks are handled. Prior to this law, most checks were physically transported before clearing. The Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act (known as Check 21) creates negotiable substitute checks that can be used in the same way you would use the original checks. Some of the benefits of the Check 21 law include less paper, increased security, decreased fraud, and faster check clearing. For more information on Check 21, please.

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Welcome To CRS

heck Recovery Systems (CRS) is a check recovery powerhouse that works directly with financial institutions and Certegy to recover unpaid checks.  This website is dedicated to our merchants and their customers as we all work as a team to resolve outstanding issues and debts. CRS strives to conquer all the challenges that are set before us.  As the recovery industry grows and changes, Check Recovery Systems will continue to adapt and apply all new recovery technology available to us.

CRS welcomes you as a part of our team. 

Service Upgrade Alert!

CRS is in the process of upgrading each merchantís services in efforts to provide them with quicker recovery on checks and the best customer service available.

Upgrades to your service include:

  • Faster reimbursement on recovered checks
  • Daily emails notifying you of checks received by CRS
  • Check images available online

Please email us immediately at to provide your email address to begin your new and improved service with CRS!


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